Samsung Working with Game Developers to Introduce Customized Games for its Foldable Devices

Several major international gaming studios, including Epic Games and Krafton, have announced their partnership with Samsung Electronics to create exclusive customised games for the Galaxy Fold. It has been decided that more “foldable-specific content” in the global market is needed to rapidly expand the market for foldable smartphones. Samsung Electronics is planning to set itself apart from Chinese rivals by promoting Galaxy foldable phones with games designed just for them.

The “Gaming Task Force (TF) Team” is now reportedly active at Samsung Research in four countries: South Korea, the United Kingdom, China, and Ukraine, according to reports by the industry.

Gaming TF is collaborating with major publishers all over the world to create original games for foldable smartphones like the Galaxy Z Fold and the Flip 5. Epic Games in the United States, Krafton, NCSoft, Nexon, Smilegate, Kakao Games, and Pearl Abyss are all working together on this. Samsung Electronics and game developers are using a “hotline” to collaborate on new game creation and popular titles’ optimization for foldable phones.

Market research firm TrendForce predicts that only 1.6% of all smartphones will be foldable models shipped this year. According to Samsung Electronics, the market for foldable phones would benefit from more media attention (games, etc.) being devoted to the form factor. As the game’s screen is twice as tall as a regular phone’s, it’s being considered as content that can showcase the benefits of a foldable device.

Z Fold 5 & Z Flip 5 | Samsung

Customizing Games for Foldable Devices

Samsung is certain that its foldable display technology represents a major technological breakthrough. However, in order to make foldables as popular as expected in the premium smartphone market, it will be necessary to provide killer content or software, such as UI/UX designs.

“As smartphone performance improves, an environment has been created where high-end games can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere,” stated an executive from the video game industry.

User-created content is what will make the Galaxy Fold and Flip 5 series the best gaming machines, according to TM Roh, president and head of Samsung’s Mobile Experience (MX) division. The company introduced two models of its Galaxy Z foldable phone series, now in its fifth generation, in July of this year.

The benefits of foldable phones, which have larger screens than standard smartphones and can utilize one side of the screen like a joystick, will be fully implemented in upcoming games. Users of Fold and Flip phones can utilize either display as a game screen, with the other serving as control buttons, or both screens can be utilized simultaneously to create a more immersive gaming experience.

Exposure for Game Developers

When game developers team up with Samsung, they gain access to the company’s vast consumer base, which includes 1 billion Galaxy smartphone users.

Ares: Rise of Guardians,” created and distributed by Kakao Games in collaboration with Google Inc., will be released by Samsung in August next year. This mobile game is compatible with Samsung Galaxy devices.

Ares Rise of Guardians | Kakao Games

“Collaboration with digital content providers is as important as telecom companies like AT&T and retailers like Best Buy,” a Samsung official stated.

Collaboration with Google

Samsung Electronics has big hopes to grow its Galaxy foldable smartphone industry by integrating it into more and more games. Samsung’s mobile game industry is anticipated to grow with the introduction of the “Samsung Gaming Hub,” a cloud gaming platform tailored specifically for Galaxy devices. This will be made public in the first quarter of next year. Accessing the gaming hub and playing foldable-optimized games will be simple for Galaxy customers.

The business isn’t only focusing on games, though; it also wants to create a UI and UX design for foldable cellphones. For this reason, Samsung Electronics is communicating extensively with Google, the maker and provider of the Android operating system.

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