Windows 11 Latest Security Update Causing Issues for Starfield Players

A large number of users have reported problems with Starfield after installing the September 2023 cumulative update for Windows.

KB5030219 is a necessary security update from the Patch Tuesday cycle in September 2023. Some PC players, especially those playing Starfield, are complaining that the latest security update has caused a lot of problems. Redditors have reported that the Windows 11 update has caused lag in their gaming sessions, while others have pointed the finger at the Nvidia driver update.

The Windows 11 update is wreaking havoc on the community, but Microsoft hasn’t yet confirmed any new problems. Hopefully, the IT giant is looking into the widespread reports of KB5030219-related performance difficulties and Blue Screen of Death errors.

User Complains Regarding Starfield

Starfield’s poor optimization on NVIDIA GPUs has been a point of discussion ever since the game’s release, and it appears that this complaint has only grown over time. The current GeForce driver may be at blame, while others point the finger at Windows 11.

Recent cumulative updates KB5030219 and KB5031217 reportedly broke the PC Game Pass edition of Starfield, resulting in TDR (timeout detection and recovery) and crashes, as reported by a user on Feedback Hub.

“After uninstalling the updates, the Starfield game ran normally,” the frustrated customer said.

Similar issues are discussed in a Reddit thread, but it’s unclear whether the Windows 11 upgrade is to blame. It wouldn’t be the first time a cumulative Windows update has caused problems for gamers. After applying the September 2023 patch, several players have noticed a drop in overall system performance.

While some customers experienced latency after updating the NVIDIA GeForce Driver at the same time as Microsoft’s patch, others complained that their Nvidia GPU drivers (537.34) had vanished altogether after installing the patch.

One gamer complained about the “severe lags experienced, dropping from 100+ fps to a stuttering 10-15fps.”

It is still unclear whether this issue is from NVIDIA’s latest drivers or the newest Windows 11 Security patch however it looks like Windows is causing all this havoc according to most complaints. We have this information for now only, rest assured we will make sure to keep you updated in case any new information is available


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