In an effort to procure the funds for purchasing the buildings, school supplies, medical equipment, and countless other necessary materials, the LOLA Foundation has taken a resourceful approach - through the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Board Member and patent attorney Dennis Fernandez is donating two design patents which will help pay for the Palawan relief effort.

The patents in question are design patents D581,308 and D564,390, two jewelry ring design patents. These ring designs depict the setting of miniature-sized diamonds along the band of the ring; what jewelers call a channel setting. In the past, oftentimes small diamonds would be discarded. Although Fernandez's specialty is usually in high-tech innovation, this fact inspired Fernandez to utilize the small diamonds in a practical manner. Since the time of invention, the channel setting of diamonds in rings, almost identical to the two design patents, has appeared in almost every jewelry store in the nation.

The LOLA Foundation is seeking to utilize these two patents to start up the not-for-profit organization. Royalties collected from these ring design patents will be directly spent on helping to provide aid to and gathering support for the Palawan children in need.

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